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2019 Club Championship Results!
(32 members qualified in 19 bow category styles!)

Any member with scores recorded from at least one each of: 3D Round, Animal Round, Field Round & Hunter Round  in the same bow style category is eligible for the Club Championship Award.  All qualifiers are awarded Club Championship Qualifier Certificates

Club Champions for each bow style are those with the highest qualifying score in their bow style category.  These shooters are awarded a gift certificate for one free shoot.  The Male and Female shooter with the highest overall cumulative score across all bow styles is given the Club Champion Award and a free one-year membership.

Awards were presented at the San Diego Archers Annual Holiday Banquet & Awards Celebration held on the Monday, 13 January. Note, this banquet is FREE to all members (guests welcome for an additional fee) so plan now to join us for the 2020 banquet!  

Compound Bow Classes – Congratulations to David Petrun and Clarissa Bond!

David is the 2019 SDA Male Club Champion

with the highest cumulative score of 1947 + 149 X’s (out of 1988 points & 280 X’s possible) shooting in the Adult Male Freestyle (AMFS) class!

Clarissa is the 2019 SDA Female Club Champion

with the highest cumulative score of 1867 + 88 X’s (out of 1988 points & 280 X’s possible) shooting in the Adult Female Freestyle (AFFS) class!

Traditional Bow Classes – Congratulations to Russ Harrel and
Jim Walker!

Russ is the 2019 SDA Male Club Champion

with the highest cumulative score of 1542 (out of 1988 points) shooting in the Adult Male Bare Bow (AMBB) class!

Jim is the 2019 SDA Male Club Champion

with the highest cumulative score of 1163 (out of 1988 points) shooting in the Adult Male Tradition (AMTRAD) class!


In appreciation of our members who qualify in multiple bow style categories, we recognize their diversity of talent with the ADEPT award! 

Archers Doing Every Possible Type

For the first time in SDA history, a member qualified and, most impressively, he was Club Champion in three separate bow style categories.  

Congratulations to Bill Morgan for his dedication and multi-talents as an archer and Club Champion in the following categories:

Silver Senior Male Traditional (SSMTRAD) with 1,075 points + 11 X’s
Silver Senior Male Barebow (SSMBB) with 1,112 points + 4 X’s
Silver Senior Male Bowhunter Freestyle (SSMBHFS) with 1,626 points + 27 X’s

Printer-Friendly 2019 Club Championship Results


We also recognized members who show up for LOTS of tournaments throughout the year. They may not necessarily get the highest scores, but they are showing their support for the San Diego Archers and the sport of archery by participating in SDA tournaments on average nearly twice each month. 

We call it the FORTITUDE award from the words that best describe these awardees:
Faithful, Outstanding, Resolute, Tireless, Impassioned, Tough, Unyielding, Dedicated
and Enduring.

Candidates for this Tournament Participation Award were considered among 23 shooters who participated and turned in a scorecard for 14 or more of our 27 hosted tournaments. All were awarded gift certificates for one free tournament shoot and those with 22 or more shoots during the year were awarded a free annual SDA membership as well!

Rachel Taylor, 24 tournaments, total score: 8249 + 118 X’s,

Pietro Limone, 24 tournaments, total score: 7423 + 65 X’s and

Bill Morgan, 24 tournaments, total score : 6463 + 58 X’s.
(Maximum score possible: 12,506 points + 1422 X’s)

We appreciate our FAMILY members who participate in tournaments and recognize their dedication with the Family Participation Awards!

Four families  in particular standout who EMBRACE SDA archery:

Every Member Builds Rapport, Ability, Companionship, Enthusiasm

The Bourhenne Family (7 shooters; most participants) during 42 tournaments amassed a combined score of: 13,316 points + 247 X’s
The Limone Family (2 shooters) during 44 tournaments (highest average # of tournaments per shooter) amassed a combined score of: 11,769 points + 82 X’s

The Omel Family (2 archers) during 32 tournaments amassed a combined score of:  13,703 points + 472 X’s (highest average # of points per shooter and highest X count)
The Taylor Family (6 archers) during  80 tournaments  (most tournaments) amassed 23,492 points + 445 X’s
  (highest cumulative points)

Printer-Friendly 2019 Participation Awards