Animal Round
The San Diego Archers
Will host the Animal Round
This Saturday, 17 October 2020
At the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery RangeAnimal Target

You must register online.
Remember to bring your mask and maintain six or more feet separation from others.

Please review the how to register online page before attending this tournament.

The Animal Round includes:
28 2D Paper Field Targets
1-3 Arrows per Target
Maximum Score: 588
No Rangefinders allowed

Animal Rounds use 2D paper targets with ‘uneven’ distances between 5 and 60 yards, reminiscent of the Hunter Round. The rules and scoring are significantly different.

The archer begins at the first YELLOW shooting stake of the target and shoots the first arrow. If it hits, you do not have to shoot again. If it misses, you advance to the second shooting stake and shoot the second arrow, then, to the third shooting stake for a third shot, if needed.

The best score per target is 21
Maximum Score: 588

There are 3 scoring zones: Bonus Kill Zone, Kill Zone, and Hit Zone.

Scoring is based on where you hit and with which arrow.

The first arrow shot is scored 21, 20 or 18. The second arrow is scored 17, 16 or 14, and the third arrow is scored 13, 12 or 10. A scoring chart is included on your scorecard.

Younth ranges:

  • For Youths (12-14 yo), the longest distance is 40 yards.

  • For Cubs (11 yo & under), the longest distance is 25 yards.

 F-H-A NFAA Scoring
Scoring Rules

Don’t forget to post your score online at

If you do not submit your score online your score will not be counted. Your paper scorecard is still requested for error correction and backup purposes.

Registration. Once at the visitors table, just follow the orange cones:

Paper shoots may be canceled due to heavy rain (Animal, Hunter, Field Rounds). While 3D Shoots will NOT be canceled due to bad weather!