Thank you to EVERYONE who joined us and generously donated their time & money to the San Diego Archers fundraiser to benefit the USMC Wounded Warrior Battalion West. We raised just under $1500 from registration fees, concessions, Flying Pig mulligans & prizes.
The San Diego Archers have matched this 100% and will donate $3,027.84 to the USMC Wounded Warrior Battalion West

The Wounded Warrior Battalion Archery Clinic is one of the many Health & Wellness clinics offered through the USMC Warrior Athlete Reconditioning Program. It is a year-round, six-week archery clinic held at our Morley Field Archery Range (Week Six is at the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range). The San Diego Archers currently support this program by providing volunteer instructors, maintenance of existing archery equipment and archery range use. We have seen first-hand how this program benefits many of our Wounded Warriors. The San Diego Archers club would like to purchase more archery equipment so that more service members may participate in this great program.

Thank you again to all the volunteers who helped with registration, managing the donations, target set up & take down. We couldn’t do this fun event without you!


Congratulations to All of Our First Place Shooters
AMBHFS Holmberg, Dave 560 13
AFFS Bond, Clarissa 540 19
SMFS Hopper, Ken 535 19
AMFS Lara, Jose 525 28
SSMFS Lyford, Larry 515 15
AFBHFS Shearer, Allison 471 5
SMBHFS Samson, Doug 461 5
SFFS Boyett, Gayl 460 7
MSMBHFS Petersen, Jack 452 10
YAMFS Jerrell, Jace 444 11
SMBB Harrel , Russ 425 5
YFFS Taylor, Rachel 423 8
AMBB Han, Philip 349 1
AMTRAD De Guzman , Josh 330 1
SSMBB Morgan, Bill 309 1
SSMTRAD Hasenfang, Norman 291 1
SMTRAD Pak, Tony 275 1
AMBHFSL Herrera, Lou 252 5
AMFSLR Cline, Brandon 234 2
SMBHFSL Marler , Kenny 203 5
SFTRAD Hart, Dawn 182 0
AFTRAD Wong, Apinya 160 1
CFBHFS Tyson, Laniyah 132 1

Special Mention:
Dave Holmberg - Top Male Compound Score (AMBHFS) & Top Score of the Shoot!560 points, 13 X's

Clarissa Bond - Top Female Compound Freestyle Score:
540 points + 19 X's
Her 2020 score was: 476 points + 14 X's

Josh De Guzman - Top Female Traditional Score:
330 points + 1 X's
A very respectable score for this shoot, well above last years traditional shooters scores 

28 3D animal targets: 580 total points and 56 X’s possible.


Results for Tournament (rangefinder allowed):

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