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13 Attended and did not register online for attendance or awards.
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35 Scores were posted. Corrections below: None.

  • Tournament notes: Somewhat cloudy, with a few sprinkles throughout. Otherwise very comfortable long-sleeved morning. The setup was exceptionally well done due to the solid setup crew, including Travis who prepped the now-deceased Flying Pig, Ken Bross who dutifully manned the flying pig throughout, Allison doing flags, Ken Cross, Ethan Wright, Nate Nier, Dan Norvell, and takedown by Jim Walker, Russ, Jonathan, Nate Nier and Jim Baker. Was a bittersweet turnout. Nice, though sadly, pre-covid would have hosted over 120+ shooters.
  • Today’s slogan: “The flying pig has flown its last…”
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  • Scoring ties: None
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