S.D. Archery Club Will Hold First Big Shoot Sunday. Newspaper article.

S.D. Archery Club
Will Hold First
Big Shoot Sunday

Members of the San Diego, Archery club, organized Thursday night at a meeting called by Vic Buel at the Cycle & Arms Sport Goods Store, will hold their first shoot Sunday morning at 9 o’clock, according to plans announced yesterday by Buel.

Application for permission to hold the first contests in the park near Sixth and Laurel streets has been made by the club to the board of park commissioners. The board, upon the sanction of the Department of Parks, being formulated for the shoot.

About 15 signed up for the archery club at Thursday night’s meeting. Joseph Jessop, Sr., a great lover of the bow and arrow game, was suggested as president, but as he was unable to be present the naming of the club head was deferred until a later date. Vic Buel was elected secretary-treasurer.