Iron Turkey and Honor the Military 3D Challenge

A Novelty Fundraiser Tournament

Iron TurkeyThe Iron Turkey Challenge is a 34-target, ONE Arrow per target, unmarked 3D novelty shoot featuring various special bonus shot targets.*

Challenge shots may include:
‘The Iron Turkey, ‘Take the Shot From a Blind’, ‘Long Distance Gobbler’ and ‘Jakes & Hens’.

* Rangefinders are allowed.

The Iron Turkey shoot is our annual honor the military event

All branches of the U.S. Military, active duty and retired, shoot for FREE (with ID).


The Iron Turkey shoot is also our “Thank you sponsors month” as well!

Make a purchase in October of $25.00 or more at any of our sponsors and receive a $5.00 discount on your registration fee.

Bring your receipt to the Iron Turkey Challenge to receive a $5 credit back on your preregistration payment. One discount per person.


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  • Willow Creek Archery