San Diego Archers Range Rules and Safety Briefing

Please assist us in reviewing and following the below range safety rules (PDF) while visiting either the Balboa Park Rube Powell or Morley Field archery ranges.

Range safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you see an unsafe act on either range, say loudly the words “Stop Shooting”, then immediately address the situation with all involved until the safety concern is resolved.

Health and Welfare

There will be no use of drugs, alcohol, or smoking while on the range.

No Sky DrawRules of the Range

  • Safety First! If you observe unsafe behavior, report it immediately to Violation of any of these regulations, or behavior deemed unsafe, may result in immediate eviction from the range.
  • No Sky Drawing (picture above)
  • No crossbows, slingshots, or other non-archery related weapons are allowed (external link to California Code of Regulations (Last Updated: August 6, 2014) .
  • No broadheads, practice broadheads, blunts, or hunting style points are allowed.
  • Allow only one arrow puller on a target at a time. And be sure to stand to one side while pulling arrows from top to bottom.
  • If you leave your lane’s field of view to retrieve an arrow, be sure to post someone in front of the target butt as a signal to approaching archers that you are behind the target.
  • For both safety and courtesy reasons, limit your time spent searching for lost arrows.
  • Never “backtrack” while on the walking course. Always stay on the numbered path leading to the next target.
  • If you are leaving a target, and see that vision may be limited for the archers following your group, say loudly the words “Clear” or “All Clear” as you leave the target area.
  • If the group behind you is shooting faster than your group, be courteous and allow the faster group to shoot through to the next target.
  • Once you’ve finished shooting, remain quiet and allow your fellow archers time to concentrate on their shots until they’re completed.
  • Always keep small children or pets within sight on the archery range.


Safety Questions, Reporting and Links