San Diego Archers - Rube Powell Archery Range
San Diego Archers – Rube Powell Archery Range

Range Preparation for the King Arthur Tournament  in June.

This Sunday, May 13, 8 am to 11 am
Rube Powell Archery Range

Please come help us prepare for our Annual King Arthur Tournament (on June 17) by cleaning up the Balboa Park Rube Powell Archery Range.
Our main goals for this work party (and the next two!) are:
Clear shooting stations near Adult/Youth/Cub distances
Clear the shooting lanes
Clear the area to the left and right just beyond the target bales
(think of beginners looking for missed arrows)
Clearing paths from one target bale to the next shooting station

A couple of top priorities are:
Target 23 backstop needs to be patched or replaced
The foot bridge just after Target 23 needs to be replaced
King Arthur Target #28 (short target between regular Targets 22 & 23) needs three new bales.

If you have noticed anything in particular that needs attention, please let us know!
NOTE! The King Arthur Tournament includes 40 targets, 12 more than our usual 28 NFAA targets. These 12 are occasionally used for backstops in the 3D Rounds. Below is a link to two maps: The standard SDA 28 target map versus the King Arthur 40 target map.

A list of some items found during a preliminary walk around the range that need attention may be printed below:

Bring gloves, water and a hat (long sleeves and pants are always a good idea). If you have a weed whacker or rake, bring them along. We have some rakes and shovels, too. Stay as long as you want – we plan to work until around noon.

Saturday, May 26: Our Annual King Arthur Paint Party! If you know of any little artists (or big ones, too!), we’ll be hand painting each target used in the tourney! For anyone who would prefer to clean up the range than paint, please join us!
Sunday, June 10: Work Party

+ Volunteers get to shoot their next tournament for free!

The San Diego Archers truly appreciate your help!

Both archery ranges in Balboa Park are maintained by volunteer efforts alone. If each member (non-members welcome, too!) contributed just one hour of volunteer work on either range, we would have two of the nicest looking ranges in California.